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The cycle of NURSE BURNOUT is REAL!

Jun 11, 2020

Are you a NURSE that is feeling burned out?

The cycle of nurse burnout is the real deal!

You may have a lot of nursing turnover in your job speciality. I know that we do right now at my job. It is REAL! So many new nurses, medical assistants, and sonographers have come and gone over my past 8 years at this job. It is hard to have to keep training new hires. It is exhausting and draining. Don't get me wrong, it is what needs to happen, but it does affect you and your work day.

When you have nursing turnover, ultimately there is a nursing shortage. Nursing shortage happens when nurses leave the job and they haven't hired anyone yet or you are having a shortage because everyone new is being trained and can not take a patient load yet. Nursing turnover happens for many reasons, but only the nurse can attest to why she/he left the job.

There is inadequate staffing all the time. Someone calls off of work and it puts the rest of your staff responsible not only for their patients but for...

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5 stages of NURSE burnout

May 15, 2020

5 Stages of NURSE burnout

Honeymoon phase- new job role that you are excited about but it may cause you stress.
Onset of stress-some days are more difficult than others. You may experience anxiety, headaches, fatigue, irritability, etc.
Chronic stress-you have the stress more frequently and the levels increase. You may have anger, resentfulness, panic, feeling pressure.
Burnout-this stage may cause you to seek help. You may feel self doubt, emptiness, chronic headaches, etc.
Habitual burnout-you may experience a physical or emotional problem. You may feel chronic sadness or depression.

Feeling these suck. I know this because I have felt these at one time or another in my nursing career.

It is crucial that you find a way to overcome them with new hobbies and habits.

It is possible, but it will take work. And I know that you can do it and be LEGENDARY!

It is safe to trust your heart.
It is safe to say no to things that have no value.
It is safe to bring love and joy to your life.
It is...

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Ways to cope with NURSE BURNOUT

May 12, 2020

Nursing is a profession that is very rewarding yet very stressful. You may work long hours and never get a break. You may be in over your head in charting due to your patient load or the aquity of the patients you have for the day. At the end of your day you may be emotionally and physically exhausted. 

It can cause you to start to feel nurse burnout. 

Some ways to cope with feeling burned out in your job:

  • Invest in self care (massage, facials, nails done, yoga, meditation, journaling, new hobby)
  • Leave your work at work. (Don't bring it home to your family, vent to a co-worker)
  • Seek help (ask for time off, see a therapist, or even workout)
  • Join a support group or create one yourself
  • Accept the fact that you don't have to stay in your current nursing job for the rest of your life. (It is ok to change your career to find a healthier one for you)

Here are some ways to relieve stress and anxiety by going outside:

  • It will improve short term memory
  • Restore mental energy
  • ...
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You do not need anyone's permission to go after your DREAMS!

May 11, 2020

You do not need anyone's permission to go after your DREAMS! 

Are you a nurse and feeling stuck? Are you feeling stagnant in your career?

I know that the night before you have to work, you are saying things like... I don't want to go to my job, I wish I didn't have to work, I hope they call me off, right? Do these sayings sound familiar? 

I know that I have said them and do still say them. I'm working on this. 

Guess what? YOU have the formula for success in your career and life. I bet you are thinking yeah right Nancy, I don't have the formula for success. But YOU do. 

Ask yourself these questions:

What do I want? 

Why don't I have it yet?

You are either at the cause or the effect of your success. And to be successful, you will want to be the cause of it.

The cause = results. The (effect)reasons= why you don't have results.

You want to move closer to the cause to be successful.

What is the area of your life that you don't want? That is living in...

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Ea[RN]ed NOT given

May 07, 2020

Yes it is true. Your NURSING degree is earned and not given. It took you a lot of sweat and tears to get that darn degree. You had classes, clinicals, preceptorships, NCLEX, etc.

You have countless hours into that degree, so don't take it for granted.


Maybe you are now in year 5, 7, 12, or even 20 years of being a nurse and you are completely burned out. Like DEPLETED. Feeling like you have nothing else to give...


You find me on the internet.


And I am a coach that helps NURSES that are experiencing BURNOUT create and sell online courses, start their own business, and become their own boss so they can DITCH bedside nursing.

Does that sound like something that intrigues you?
Does it make you go hmmmm?
Does it make you want to jump on DISCOVERY call with me?
Does it make you say... WOW there are other NURSES that feel just like me out there. I am so glad I found her!

If you are ready to debunk the NURSING funk, get creative, join...

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What is holding you back NURSE friend?

May 06, 2020

It is time to really look at what is holding you back from making the investment in yourself!

We all know that $333 is a fair amount of money to pay for The Burntout Rx program. (group coaching program to create an online course/business so that you can leave your nursing job a.k.a. ditch bedside nursing) The transformation that you will get alone is worth it.

You aren’t trusting yourself. You are scared.

I know this because I have been exactly where you are at in the past. I didn’t trust that I actually had the skills and the abilities to coach, teach, or mentor YOU, but I invested in many programs to get myself where I am at today! And for that I am forever grateful!

If I can do it, so can YOU!

What happens if you invest the money? That means you have to STEP UP your game. And you are scared. You are FEARFUL. You are comparing yourself to others that have been successful, but what their success is versus yours may be totally different.

If you don’t...

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Are you ready to go from bedside nursing to becoming your own boss?

May 04, 2020

Are you ready to go from bedside nursing to becoming your own boss?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious, depressed, or just burned out in your job?

I know you may feel this currently or at some point in your nursing career, that is why I created The Burntout Rx program. It is an online course to show you the steps to build your own profitable business.

You may have a calling on your heart to help others in a different way and that is OK. Yes it is OK. It is OK to want to change your career path. Is it scary as F*ck? YES... but I know it can be done.

I want to teach you everything that I have learned to help you succeed. I know that if you give The Burntout Rx program a chance, you will get the transformation that you have been craving.

So tell me... Are you ready?

Here is the link to join The Burntout Rx program!


I can't wait to COACH you and see  your transformation.



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Looking Back

May 03, 2020

Yesterday I completed my hindsight board. I am proud of all the things that I have accomplished in the month of April.

As you may know, I was laid off of work in April, but it truly was a great month. A month of blessings in disguise.

Here are some of the things that I am proud of:
I went LIVE in my Facebook group Crave More 22 times
I had 1:1 coaching with Paige Cole
I went to Paige Cole's virtual birthday party
I started the HAR meditation
I got to sleep in
I started to learn iPhone photography
I grew my Pinterest from 23k to 75k monthly viewers
I took photos of Kasey
I did my 3 day free workshop Be your own lifesaver
I watched the 3rd season of The Ozark on netflix
I created TikTok videos
I held a ZOOM party for my Facebook Group
I made chocolate strawberries for my kids
I finished the sales page for my The Burntout Rx program
I took Brint's truck into get recalls fixed
Kasey and I tie dyed shirts
I launched my program The Burntout Rx
I grew my following on Instagram
I batched my podcast content

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May 02, 2020

Are you a NURSE who is craving more time freedom, more money, more joy, or more out of your life?

Are you ready for a change?

Are you feeling burned out in your nursing job?

Are you feeling like you have something to share with the world?

Are you ready to be a coach?

Are you wanting to start your own online business?

Are you wanting to make more money in your life, but not sure where to start?

Are you ready to leave behind bedside nursing and become your own boss?

If you answered YES to any of these...then I have something for you.

Sign up for my group coaching program: The Burntout Rx. The Cart closes tonight at midnight. 

I can't wait to hear from you! Once you enroll, let me know below.

I want to teach you to:
How to become the best nurse you can be.
Overcoming nurse burnout
Money manifestation for nurses
Online business building for nurses

I know that I can help you make your dreams come true.
I know that because I have been where you are at currently.
I know that you...

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